The Church is governed by:

  1. The Congregational Elders’ Session

This is the highest decision making body and the highest court of the Church that is charged with the spiritual oversight of the congregation. It has the powers to deal with all ecclesiastical matters affecting the church and approves ecclesiastical programmes/events as may be proposed by the Evangelism/Revival Committee.
It also assists the Congregational Minister in the shepherding of the Church with regards to all spiritual matters and Christian teachings.

  1. The Church Committee:

The Church Committee is responsible for administrative matters of the Church. It is made up of the Pastors, Elders, Deacons, Deaconesses, One (1) Representative of each of the Church Associations and Fellowships.
The Current Executive comprises 

Chairman                                – Elder Dr. Godwin E. Bassey
Vice Chairman                       – Elder David Etukudo
Church Secretary                  – Elder Enobong E. Atat
Assistant Secretary                – Elder Manasseh Eyenowo
Chief Welfare Officer            – Elder Ikpe D. Iboko
Treasurer                                 – Deaconess Ekaette I. Usendiah
Financial Secretary                – Elder Odudu Peter
Ex-Officio Members:
1. Rev. Owoedimo T. Benson  – Resident Minister
2. Elder (Arc.) Okon Obot       – Immediate Past Chairman
3. Engr. Odudu U. Obot          – President Youth Fellowship
4. Deaconess Esther Umoessien – President Women Fellowship
5. Elder Joseph E. Udoh         – President Men Fellowship


Ewet Offot Township Superintendency Headquarters of Qua Iboe Church was inaugurated consequent upon the evangelistic visit to the Church by The National Chairman of QIC and members of the Standing Committee.
Sunday, September 24, 2017 saw the congregation of a large number of the Church Standing Committee Members led by the General Superintendent/Chairman of Conference worshiping in Qua Iboe Church, Ewet Offot ostensibly to pronounce and give a seal to the New Status of Qua Iboe Church, Ewet Offot as a Township Superintendency Headquarters.
The Reverend Owoedimo Tom Benson was posted as the Resident Minister of QIC Ewet Offot/Superintendency Pastor for Q.I.C., Ewet Offot, Q.I.C., Ibiaku Issiet, Q.I.C., Nkim Ibiono and Q.I.C., Ifa Ikot Idang.

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