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Present Day Church Building

Sometime in 1909, there was in existence in Aka village of the present day Uyo Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria a Church planted by some missionaries led by Rev. Jimmy W. Westgarth who worked with Rev. Samuel Alexander Bill, the founder of QIC. 

The First Permanent Church Building

From oral tradition, it was one Esang Etuk (alias Esang Usak) an oil-palm merchant from Ekpuk Nung Akpan Edor (i.e. the enlarged family of Nung Akpan Edor) of Ewet Offot village who, having been attending worship meetings at the already planted Qua Iboe Churches, Aka and Ikot Otong Nsit because of the itinerant nature of trade, brought Qua Iboe Church to his Kins and Kirths in Ewet Offot Village in September, 1909.

Somehow, he was scorned by some of his village people and asked to take his new found Christian faith to his Ekpuk (enlarged family – Nung Akpan Edor). This was how the present location of the Church was donated by Okuku Akpan Afia with the final blessing and transfer of the land to the Mission by the village council of Ewet Offot. With the help of the first converts that included Esang Usak, Alexander Akpan, Udo Udo Ikpe, Mbaba Ikpon, Chief Urua U. Udo, Okon Udo Ekong and John Okon, the first mud and wattle Church building was built by the whole village, but was later set on fire by an unconverted indigene. A second mud-and-wattle building built collapsed in 1930 due to termites attack.

Samuel Udosen Uko and Enang Udosen sponsored the building of a third worship place with mud-and-wattle which again collapsed, due to white-ants’ activities. An attempt at building a concrete building was made in 1950 through 1963 with the helping hand of the Churches at the present-day No. 2 Abak Road (Olusegun Obasanjo Way), and Itam Uyo Superintendency before its abandonment. It was Elder Jeremiah Robert Uko who in 1969, was sent as a Supervisor of Ewet Church. He commenced the building of the first permanent Church Building that was abandoned at the foundation level. The building of the Church took more than 13years from the foundation to the roofing stage and a much longer time for the provision of furniture and other accessories for effective Church Worship.

With the creation of Akwa Ibom State in 1987 there was influx of people to Uyo, the state capital, making it a metropolitan city. Consequently, membership in QICN, Ewet increased rapidly outstretching the existing capacity of the Church. The present Church Cathedral was a product of direct prophetic instruction from God that a befitting place of worship be made for Him. Consequently, the foundation stone laying ceremony was performed by the Chairman of Q.I.C., Conference, Rev. (Dr.) Emmanuel Ossom (Rtd.) on Saturday, September 13, 2003 at about 7.00am. The congregation celebrated the 2008 end-of-year get-together in December of that year in the present Church building. On Sunday of 4th of January, 2009 the very first Sunday morning service was held in the new building named CENTRE OF MIRACLE.

The Church Preachers:
From when the Church was planted in September 1909, our records reveal that 9 (nine) Preachers (7 Men and 2 Women) had broken the word of life from the pulpit to the early converts into Qua Iboe Church faith before 1969.
These were at various times as follows:
1. Okon Antigha (alias teacher) posted by Rev. Jimmy Westgarth
2. John William Okon 1958 – 1965
3. Udo Udoette
4. Ese Akak Sam
5. Asuquo Udo Umoh
6. Effiong John Umoh
7. Madam Akon Ekpenyong
8. Deaconess Nkoyo Bassey:
Also, from 1969 till date, the following preachers have ministered from the pulpit of this Church namely –
1. Elder Jeremiah Robert Uko 1969 – 1973
2. Etuk Essien (Assisting the Preacher) 1971 – 1973
3. Elder Ben Udo Umoh
4. Elder Akpabio Ukpe
5. Deacon E. E. Idiong (Later Elder) 1978 – 1985
6. Evang. Daniel Idio 1986 – 30th June, 1987
7. Elder P. J. Ekpenyong 1st July, 1987- Dec.1988
8. Deacon Udoidiong June 1989 – July 1990
9. Rev. E. A. Ebong 1st Aug. 1990 – Dec. 1999
10. Rev. A. D. Ukanakumoh Jan. 2000 – Dec. 2003
11. Rev. A. S. Etuk Jan. 2004 – 1st Jan. 2009
12. Rev. Gabriel Oton Jan. 2009 – Dec. 2012
13. Rev. Idongesit U. Inwang Jan. 2013 – 31st Aug. 2016
14. Rev. Owoedimo Tom Benson Sept.1, 2016 – Till date
Supt. Pastor/Resident Minister

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